Case Study: Fortune 100 Software Company Trains 100’s in Virtway’s Metaverse

Case Study: Fortune 100 Software Company Trains 100’s in Virtway’s Metaverse

Due to the amount of confidential, in-house content shared at the event, this Fortune 500 company has asked to remain anonymous. Virtway respects the security and confidentiality of all companies, big or small, that use our Metaverse to carry out events.

Coming back for a second time, this top international software company again chose Virtway to deliver their cutting-edge immersive Training event in our Metaverse. Innovation is in their nature and they didn’t let travel restrictions slow down their work around the globe.

Over 130 employees from around the world joined the 2-week virtual training pop-up. By offering their training event in Virtway, the company found original ways to gamify key learnings built from their LMS right into the platform, like Top Performers winning gift cards and prizes!

They also had their different offices compete and participate in interactive team building sessions, and enjoy freshly designed and personalized scenes that were branded to match the product and the energy of the event.

“Our goal was creating a virtual space truly personalized for our team, just as an in-person event would be.”
Event Organizer

In Virtway, personalization and gamification are next-level. Teams are able to set the theme, deliver the message, challenge and energize participants, and carry out constructive workshops.

To kick off the event, all teams from around the globe met in their customized auditorium where they had special guests from top VPs of the company. This kick-off, complete with theme music and celebrity cameos, launched the high energy that kept building up and crescendoed with a Live DJ set.

Teams also split up and attended a number of training workshops to focus on adapting their business to remote work and customer success.

There were many thought leadership sessions where teams learned and received exclusive news. Special guests included one of the best marketing leaders in the consumer technology space!

Some other key points on the agenda included:

Of course, it wasn’t all work with no play! The team celebrated some big wins that were achieved over the last year and had some awesome team building activities for everyone to participate in. These activities included a personalized version of our Wipeout course and a prize wheel with some big prizes.

And no one went home empty-handed. Each team member received a digital swag bag at the end of the event to brighten their day.

Motivation is key to unlocking true employee potential, and this Fortune 100 company did exactly that. A post-event survey for feedback confirms the success:

Overall Event Rating out of 5
% Knowledge Increase
Motivated team members ready to take on any challenge and succeed!​