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Bring your online events to our Metaverse!

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Some of our customers

Frustrated with "screen fatigue" and traditional virtual events?
Craving a more innovative virtual experience?

Look no further! Virtway offers a realistic, fun and novel solution to connect in the Metaverse!
From small corporate meetings & training sessions to international conferences & massive career fairs.

So you can innovate and bring joy back to remote work and online events A unique and innovative 3D experience

3D Virtual Spaces for anyone, anywhere

Client Testimonial:

"When looking to plan my first large virtual event during the 2020-2021 Pandemic, I wasn't quite sure what to do, or how I would make this event fun, different and something folks would want to come to (virtually).

When I heard about your events from a co-worker, I was super intrigued and HAD to use you for my event!!

Boy am I sure glad I did! Working with Virtway was easy, organized and Adam and the team did a GREAT job working with our team to plan what we were visualizing, running the actual event and even providing support during the event! It was a unique experience and we had nothing but good feedback from the team that attended.

I would use Virtway again in a heartbeat and look forward to another opportunity to work with them!


Business Administor at Google

Next Level 3D Virtual World Technology in the Metaverse

Virtual Events Far From Ordinary


Free yourself from boring video platforms

Branding, 3D Models , Interactive Elements
Energize your participants & truly ENGAGE
Team Building Activities, Livestreaming, Video playback, PowerPoints, Real-time voice
Make your events memorable
Personalized and interactive avatars, real-time communication and shareable profiles

Easy to use for anyone on your team, no IT experience needed

Fully customize events, scenes and avatars, In-app 3D Editor, Special Effects, Holograms
be-proud-of your eventsbe-proud-of your events

Be proud of your events again!


Windows, Mac, Tablet, Mobile

“I never thought that the virtual world would generate such an intense feeling of closeness. One of the most positive aspects is the ease of participation and interaction with other participants in the event. I’m an absolute fan of the project.”
Business Director at Vaughan Systems
“Using Virtual Labstore, we were able to increase the level of inquiry in one of our research modules. Also, Virtual Labstore enhanced the flexibility of student-teacher communication”
Maarten Morsink
Lecturer at Leiden University
"It has been a very realistic experience in a virtual world, very innovative. Virtway is a unique platform to create virtual experiences."
Cristina Martin
"It comes very close to the way in which, nowadays, we can lift time and distance constraints to be with others and create rich experiences in which people always feel accompanied."
Max A. Hamann Lituma
Operations Director at Avanza
"I found it [Virtway Events] to be a very innovative and fresh technology, with multiple possibilities that can perfectly coexist with traditional events for certain types of actions.
Francisco Torre
Business Developer at MACGUFFIN
“Aware of the current complex environment, in DuPont Sustainable Solutions we have accelerated the process to adopt innovative digital alternatives that will allow our clients to maintain continuity in their current projects. In this process we have identified a great leverage in Virtway: a virtual platform that allows trainings, meetings and events to be maintained in an highly interactive, fun and effective format."
Business Development Director at Dupont Sustainable Solutions
"The closest there is to live training.
The dynamics that are created between the participants increase motivation. They have fun and this reinforces learning."
David Serantes
Business Director at Naturgy
"It [Virtway Events] has generated many contacts from interested users... We save time and travel expenses, a very satisfying experience."
Raúl Jimenez Frías
General Director at AJE Madrid

Let's get your next virtual event up and running!

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