Be present, from a distance

Your 3D space for 
career fairs
trade shows

A new online platform for 3D virtual events
The most advanced 3D technology in the world available from any device

Any virtual world or space you can imagine
From small corporate meetings to massive career fairs. The options are endless

A unique and innovative 3D experience
Quick and easy to use. Connect and interact from anywhere in the world

3D Virtual Events for business professionals

“I never thought that the virtual world would generate such an intense feeling of closeness. One of the most positive aspects is the ease of participation and interaction with other participants in the event. I’m an absolute fan of the project.”


Business Director at VAUGHAN SYSTEMS

A new generation of 3D virtual events

Maximize your results and customer touchpoints from a distance

All types of events
Dynamic participation activities, guided tasks, training sessions, master classes, gamification
All necessary tools
Dynamic participation activities, guided tasks, training sessions, master classes, gamification
Integrated Networking
Personalized and interactive avatars, real-time communication and shareable profiles
Overall metric improvements
Achieve higher participation and motivation rates than any other online meeting or webinar tool

Windows, Mac, Tablet, Mobile

"It [Virtway Events] has generated many contacts from interested users... We save time and travel expenses, a very satisfying experience."
Raúl Jimenez Frías
General Director at AJE Madrid
"It comes very close to the way in which, nowadays, we can lift time and distance constraints to be with others and create rich experiences in which people always feel accompanied."
Max A. Hamann Lituma
Operations Director at Avanza
"The closest there is to live training.
The dynamics that are created between the participants increase motivation. They have fun and this reinforces learning."
David Serantes
Business Director at naturgy
"It has been a very realistic experience in a virtual world, very innovative. Virtway is a unique platform to create virtual experiences."
Cristina Martín Gómez

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  • Real-time networking with interactive avatars.
  • Access from any device.
  • Connect from wherever you are in the world.
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