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Fun and engaging activities for all your events

Escape Room:
The Warrior’s Legacy

The main objective of this virtual escape room is firstly to have fun but is also be used to evaluate a team’s strengths,weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

The ‘escape room’ is a modern version of outdoor training that globalizes the experience for teams which work remotely and/or overseas, allowing them to have a group experience with their peers, fostering cohesion and a sense of belonging, as well as internal communication and, by extension, improving the work environment.

Event Duration1-2 Hours
Virtual attendeesTwo teams of 8-20 people

Service offered by

Virtway Events
Skills DevelopedLeadership, Teamwork, Communication, Decision making, stress management, Initiative and Creativity

Team Coaching
for enterprises

Virtway Events works with professional coaches and psychologists which provide companies with the opportunity to obtain more clarity regarding their knowledge of themselves as a team, why they do what they do and, above all, how they do what they do. They learn more about each other and about how the group behaves as a team. They have the opportunity to decide which part of their identity contributes more to the team and which part is least beneficial to it. In this way and with a clear common purpose, the team’s basic foundations are established and future goals become clearer and more obtainable.

Event DurationVaries: Sessions of 1-2 hours each
Virtual attendees5-20 people

Service offered by

Partners of Virtway Events
Skills DevelopedTeam vision, team building, group work, Improving work flows

Virtual Escape Room by Kopernico

Discover who you can trust, form allies and reveal who really killed the town’s previous Sheriff!

Before the activity you’ll be assigned a character and some secret info to get you started in the game. Through the game you will use this information to speak with the other participants and get clues about the death of the Sheriff. At the end of the game, players will make an accusation and must give their supporting reasons. The person with the most accusations will be put straight in jail… But will you capture the real murderer??

Event Duration2 hours
Virtual attendees5-20 people

Service offered by

Kopernico (official Virtway partner)
Skills DevelopedLeadership, Teamwork, Communication, Decision making, Stress management, Initiative and Creativity

Virtual Solar System Visit

Houston, we’re ready for take off! Take your team to Outer Space and explore the planets in our Virtual Solar System. Learn some fun facts about each planet and observe their orbital patterns.

Groups can later teletransport over to the planet Mars where teams can work together to construct whatever the activity organizer sees most appropriate. For example, teams separate in groups and each one builds what they think a future house on Mars is going to look like!

Event Duration1 hour
Virtual attendees5-50 people

Service offered by

Virtway Events
Skills DevelopedTeam vision, team building, Group work, Improving work flows

Live Music & Themed Parties

Bring social hour to all of your virtual events! Our concert room is the perfect place to celebrate a themed party, end-of-year event or have some live music for some fun and dancing. 

The room has two levels so you can have music and dancing by the stage and any sort of activity or networking in the upper section. The room is highly customizable to your event needs.

Event DurationIndefinite
Virtual attendees100-2000 people

Service offered by

Virtway Events
Skills DevelopedTeam fun, networking, socialize


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