Virtual Events for your Online Product Marketing

Online Product Marketing

Product Marketing is a process aimed for the promotion and sale of a product to a client. However, despite this being its final objective, its mission goes even further. The marketing of a product is the intermediate stage between the development of an article and the rise of brand awareness. 

Very often companies invest an enormous number of resources in the creative process and the development of a product from the initial stage to its official presentation. And this effort will not make any sense if its presentation goes unnoticed or does not have the expected audience.  

Here is where the planification of the product release becomes very important, one of the principal tasks of the Product Marketing process. This is not an easy job, as there is not anything like a magic formula. Each brand is a whole different world, as well as each of their products, therefore, it will be necessary to design specific campaigns for every kind of need.  

It is true that the internet has opened an interesting picture for the marketing professionals. Online worlds, and specially, virtual environments offer alternatives with a higher impact and which need a lower investment, so it is essential to make the most out of them. 

Nevertheless, as we said, although there is no magic formula, there are a set of guidelines that can greatly help when planning to launch a product and having a successful presentation which justifies all the effort and used means.  

5 main actions for Online Product Marketing:

1. Social Media

To this point, there is very little left to explain regarding the influence of social media over a product’s launch campaign. Thanks to its infinite range and the possibility of accessing a massive audience, this media outlet is the best ally for promoting creative ideas, raising awareness and participation, as well as interacting with the target customers. 

2. Actions with influencers

This new trend has become one of the most followed and respected sources of information. When it comes to Product Marketing, it is important to count with a strategy to gain their collaboration, getting them to talk about the brand. Their word carries great weight and assures us that, with their support, we will get a lot of audience.  

3. Tests y videos

The impact of this kind of actions within online product marketing is outstanding. One highly recommended strategy is to film small videos that show some information about the product and share it on social media. As the release date gets closer, you can create more and share more information. The objective: generate expectation. 

4. Event planning or inauguration party

Drawing audience and calling the attention of potential clients is an essential task within a well-defined online Product Marketing strategy. Organizing activities, live presentations or inviting lecturers are actions that get headlines, getting people to talk about our brand and product. 

5. Go for creativity, be virtual

The market is full of proposals similar to the one we present. Thus, it is important to stand out, and we will not do it unless we think of an idea that really catches the attention of our target audience. In this sense, opting for virtual events has become a popular alternative when organizing any kind of activity or corporate presentation.

And not only because they are more economic, but because they attract a bigger audience, create striking scenarios, and allow real-life interaction between the participants attending from different parts of the world.  

Virtual Product Marketing: Where the very present future is heading

The benefits and advantages that virtual worlds provide to companies and marketing specialists are something worth mentioning. Their consolidation within corporate environments has turned them into indispensable tools for product promotion.   

However, like any other action that might be carried out, virtual events have its own characteristics and need strategies specially design for their promotion.  

Essential aspects to allows include in a virtual product marketing campaign:

Organize high quality demos that impress

Our day-to-day life is full of events, presentations, and several corporate meetings. For our marketing actions to be effective, it is necessary to be original, and present proposals that add value and experiences.   

Immersive activities are gaining more and more popularity within virtual events, it is all about creating real experiences within virtual worlds. The use of 3D avatar-based platforms is an example of how tech can be at the service of product marketing.   

These 3D avatars are characters that realistically mimic each of the participants of a virtual event, which will be able to communicate live though a voice over IP app.   

This allows a direct interaction with the attendees, who will have the opportunity of making questions and comments on real-time. Thanks to this type of bets, designed and started-up by Virtway Events, the products become real and close despite our audience being afar, geographically speaking. 

Follow the Marketing Mix 4P guidelines

This term refers to one of the most classic marketing elements that are used to englobe its four basic elements: product, price, place and promotion. This way, the Marketing 4Ps, are the four variables a company has to achieve their commercial objectives.   

For that, it is necessary that the marketing Mix 4Ps work together and complement each other coherently. And, although it is true that this strategy is still infallible in every marketing campaign, the actual market tendencies make it necessary to ensure a strategic approach focus, specially, on the client.    

Thus, Marketing Mix 4P key questions, such as “what product should I get in the market?”, “at what price?”, “where can I sell it?” and “how should I promote it?” should be formulated differently: 

“What do my clients need?”, “what is the cost of their satisfaction and how will it come back to us?”, “what distribution channels are more convenient to our clients?” or “which media should I use to share it?” are the questions that should guide the actions of an online product marketing campaign.   

Thereby we will be able to, not only measure the success of our campaign, but also find out the expenses of customer satisfaction. 

Should we eliminate traditional year-end meetings?

eliminate traditional year-end meetings

From the beginning of modern times, it is common to see big enterprises celebrating events, generally as annual meetings, attended by CEOs, workers, suppliers, clients and all kind of professionals directly or indirectly associated with the business.  

The objective of these big assemblies is to unite people by creating spaces to share experiences, bond and foster team spirit. And, without a doubt, it is a very effective way to achieve these aims. However, the new rhythm of an increasingly globalized market, the irruption of technology and the uncertain economic situation are changing the mindset of the heads of the companies. 

Thus, several directives have questioned if it is profitable to celebrate this kind of events and if it offsets the huge economic deployment and the resources necessary to carry it out. For that, more and more companies search for an alternative solution that can get the same results -or even better- with a lower investment.  

As mentioned above, the last economic recession and the uncertain situation in which we are immerse are two defining factors of this recent change, and they have caused many companies to consider how to save money on event organization. 

With this new perspective in mind, they have found their best alliance in virtual technology, a field that has strongly irrupted in numerous sectors that are key for business development, such as meetings and corporative events.  

The benefits of virtual meetings are countless in comparison with presential events. And that is, setting some key factors aside, such as the increase in audience or a better measurement of ROI, events based on 3D virtual platforms achieve an essential aim: savings. 

No matter if it is through an online videoconference, webinar or web conference, they have the advantage of simultaneously connecting numerous people no matter where they are. This allows great cost reduction regarding organization, and the complete absence of investment in transportation, travels, or space rental.  

Sustainable Events: Your corporate social responsibility towards the environment

While it is clear that behind most decision making there is an aim for business optimization through cost reduction, there is another important factor that is responsible for this change in mentality and which promotes virtual events: sustainability.

And that is, when we take a look back and calculate the amount of resources invested in a big assembly or an annual presential meeting, the fact that most of them negatively impact the environment cannot go unnoticed.  

As a fact, a statistic carried out by the MeetGreen states that in an event of a few days long with 2.500 assistants, 62.500 plates and 75.000 glasses were used (both plastic), together with 87.500 paper napkinsand 90.000 cans and bottles. 

This consumption of paper, plastic, and glass entails a severe hazard for our ecosystem, and, for that, sustainability should be present when organizing an event. The good news is that it is possible, as long as we take advantage of the benefits that technology offers for our corporative needs.  

Virtual meetings and events are a clear example of that, as they offer the companies a number of important environmental benefits, among which we can highlight: 

  • Lower water, light and gas consumption: once we have eliminated the need of big physical spaces to organize these meetings, the expenses of these resources decrease drastically.  
  • Reduction of environmental impact and environment preservation: we avoid producing tones of wastes that are usually generated during big meetings. 
  • Decrease on CO2 emissions: presential events attract a great number of people and, with them, vehicles. This contributes to atmospheric and acoustic pollution. 

Moreover, beyond the environmental benefits, virtual platforms are a key opportunity for development and benefit businesses visibility. These are emerging as the most effective tools for carrying out team building activities, formation for remote workers, webinars, or any other kind of online meeting. 

Despite all these benefits, there still exist companies that think that event, congress, or assembly organization is already complex enough as it is to further assume additional compromises, but this is an erroneous belief. This should be approached from another perspective: changes are a great opportunity to support innovation and develop alternative action points, which at the same time, would directly and positively impact the reputation and the image of the company. 

Likewise, nowadays we can find in the market suppliers in charge of the designs and start-up of virtual events, with innovative proposals that do not leave their assistants indifferent.  

In the case of Virtway Events, which offers an advanced 3D technology for entrepreneurs, employees, and clients to reunite in a virtual space which allows an almost real interaction between them, despite the long distance. 

Their applications allow maintaining real-time conversations with all the assistants, send messages, express emotions through animations, and even be represented by extremely realistic 3D avatars which mimic the physical aspect of each participant.  

Without a doubt, now is the time to take advantage of technology in pursuit of a common goal: taking care of the environment and committing to sustainability.