Virtual Speed ​​Networking


The new dating for entrepreneurs

The incredible power of networking as a business communication tool is unarguable. It’s been like this for years, and it’s certainly not going anywhere, as it allows for company recognition, the creation of contacts and access to new potential customers. And, in the long run it allows organizations to increase their sales and improve business processes.

Traditionally, a networking event is divided into three types:

  • Personal networking: This is usually done through groups of acquaintances, people outside our work environment with which we connect through friends or activities that we carry out.
  • Operational networking: This occurs within our professional area, usually between people from the same company who start working together on a new project.
  • Strategic networking: The protagonists here are entrepreneurs. Its objective is to contact the heads of other organizations, to create new ties and find potential clients.

This last type is essential for companies to market their services and thus enhance the growth of the business. However, on many occasions it is difficult to fit in meetings with the executives’ busy schedules not to mention ensure that they have the necessary time to attend these events.

Time is money, and today more than ever. And for that very reason Speed Networking was created. Emphasis on ‘speed’, it’s a quick business meeting that allows entrepreneurs to hold a series of flash meetings in order to meet potential customers and partners.

This type of initiative has been really successful since its implementation, the meetings are fast, take up little of the executives’ time (each interview usually doesn’t last more than 4 minutes) and is a reliable way to quickly obtain key information. This helps to swiftly detect which contacts are productive and which aren’t.

But let’s go back to the business doctrine that sets the pace of current business: time is still gold. And although it’s true that it’s a speedy method of connection, the trip to the place where it a speed networking event is being held is irremediable and implies extra time… extra valuable time that many executives simply don’t have.

So, in order to make these meetings even more effective, Virtual Speed ​Networking entered the scene. This new way of online communication has raised networking events to another level, making them more accessible, effective and unique to support valuable relationships.

Keys to Virtual Speed Networking: The “here” and “now” business

We live in a digital era, and its greatest exponent is found in the evolution of virtual 3D technology. These fictional worlds are so close to the real world and are increasingly present in all kinds of online events, from a webinar to a virtual fair, providing them with features that make them immersive and innovative experiences.

This 3D environment has led to the emergence of Virtual Speed Networking: a concept that brings together all the advantages of the face-to-face format but in a remote environment, eliminating the need for travel, geographical barriers and also allowing for significant cost savings.

This type of networking allows its participants to attend short business meetings without having to leave the office, given that it’s possible to connect from any device with an Internet connection. The process of these virtual events is simple: each participant talks for about 2 minutes with the other and then they switch. During this time, the company presents itself and and its products or services, essential is exchanged and in many cases this quick business date marks the birth of a future contract or agreement.

The main advantage of Speed Networking Virtual speaks for itself: it’s speedy and results are generally immediate. The face-to-face version of these requires in many cases a lot a travel time that the virtual option totally eliminates. Thus, the optimization of time is real: the minutes available for each interview are fulfilled, taking full advantage of the experience.

3D Technology: the engine of Virtual Speed Networking

These online events are very practical for executives and entrepreneurs with full agendas that have very little free time. But for the experience to be effective and offer the benefits of the face-to-face version, you need to have the support of a technological partner that offers the necessary infrastructure to make the connection and communication a success.

Virtway Events is the the perfect company for the job. They creates their very own in-house, advanced 3D technology to create immersive environments in all kinds of corporate virtual events.

Their contribution has made them a top reference for the realization of Virtual Speed Networking meetings. They recreate realistic virtual worlds which can be adapted to the needs of each organization. In fact, their technology allows events to be developed in 3D platforms, where participants can create a personalized representation of their meeting zone which is more dynamic and interactive than the 2D online activities.

For the experience to be truly immersive, each participant can configure their virtual avatar. These avatars can interact during the event exchanging information, sharing virtual business cards and even communicating live through an advanced voice over IP applications.

Other essential elements for the effective development of Virtual Speed ​​Networking are:

  • Filtering of entrepreneurs: Through lists of connected users it’s quite simple to identify those most relevant to the business and request an encounter with them.
  • Multimedia applications: The presentation of each organization can be supported with videos or brief presentations, to dynamically and interactively convey the message and cause a greater impact.
  • Cutting-edge technology: 3D platforms allow diversity of formats and guarantee a fluid communication, without delays or cuts.

In conclusion, the possibilities that virtual worlds offer to Speed Networking events are endless. This trend is here to stay and is already filling up timeslots in business folks busy agendas. It’s changing their way of doing business, from anywhere in the world and without added time constraints.