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We plant a tree for every new Virtway Follower

In Virtway, we strongly believe in proactively taking part in improving our carbon footprint and want to make a lasting, positive contribution towards  the environment. To do so, we pledge to plant a tree for every new follower Virtway receives.

How Virtway's Forest Works

Virtway has joined forces with Tree-Nation, a reforestation project with the largest number of plantation projects and 5 million trees planted on 4 continents. We have created our own branded forest as part of Virtway's sustainability initiatives.

Forest Facts:
Just a few reasons why tree planting is important to us

Why plant trees

Deforestation is responsible for 17% of the CO2 emissions on the planet. Planting trees is essential for our planet in order to address some of the most threatening issues our generation is facing: Climate Change, Pollution, Species Extinction, Desertification, Deforestation, and even Deadly Viruses. 

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Save the planet one tree at a time

A single tree can offset up to 250 KG of CO2 during its lifespan. To stop climate change we need to stop deforestation.

"Goal for 2021: To plant 5 million more trees by the end of the year”

Tree-Nation helps companies offset their CO2 emissions to transition their operations into a carbon neutral state.


By simply following us on any of these social networks, we will plant a tree for you. At the end of each month, we will plant as many trees as the increase in followers for that time period.

Together we can make a difference!

Don’t forget to check out the progress of our Follower Forest here:

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