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Join us in Virtway Events’ virtual world for a variety of chats, networking activities and much more during your coffee break! Meet virtually along with others from anywhere in the world.

Take a break, get inspired, learn, collaborate with someone new and start networking!

Simply access the virtual coffee chat with your customized 3D avatar and get ready for an interactive experience like none other.


Sustainable Mobility Opportunities – moving from A to B in the times of teleworking!

Now that the world is NOT moving as usual, it’s a good moment to think about how we can move more sustainably in the future. Join our group of dedicated experts to hear more about multi-modality as an opportunity.

Let’s not go back to problems with high traffic volume, deteriorating environmental conditions and public health concerns. Multi-modal transportation improves this, but what does that mean for everyday life? 

*All sessions will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel.

05:30 PM (CET)
04:30 PM (GMT)
11:30 AM (EST)
8:30 AM (PST)
 *  check the time of the event in your area

Nicole Klaesener-Metzner, PAF
What is mobility and why does it matter?


Michelle Attard Tonna, President Bicycle Advocacy Group Malta
Thinking outside the (metal) box – how to travel around Malta using a bicycle

Kenneth Scerri, Senior Lecturer Systems & Control Engineering, UoM
The improved sustainability of connected and autonomous vehicles.


Clair Zarb, Founder Greenroads
Greentrips – a sustainable mobility platform

greenroads malta
Sustainable Mobility Agenda


Discover the most immersive way to attend events from anywhere in the world.

Just sign up, come in and enjoy this innovative 3D experience.

Attend lectures, presentations and fireside chats by experts.

At the end of every Virtual Coffee Chat, there will be time to network with the rest of the attendees.



Networking in real-time with VoIP and 3D


Presentations, videos, pictures, charts…


Interactive, Customized 3D Avatars

Would you like to be a speaker at one of our Virtual Coffee Chats?

Leave us your email and we’ll get in touch with you! We’re looking for professionals to present on all sorts of topics. Are you a mindfulness coach?
Maybe a marketing expert? Or a professional traveller? We’d love to hear your story!

Take this opportunity to network, create leads, grow your business or simply storytell.


Virtual Outer Space Tour

Houston, we're going to Mars! Join us in Outer Space as we explore the planets in Virtway Events' 3D Virtual World. Learn some fun facts and then teletransport with us over to the planet Mars where we work together in teams to construct what we think a future house of Mars will look like!

Virtual Escape Room

Virtual Escape Rooms are fantastic team building activities that can be used within all sectors for employees. Join us during the Virtual Coffee Chat as we give you a sneak peak into the incredible maze of "The Warrior's Legacy". Don't worry, we won't spoil any of the clues for you!

Business Sustainability with Greenpeace speaker, Ray Cansick

Ray is an active volunteer for Greenpeace, where he works to help inform organisations about the issues facing the planet and actions they can take to help. Ray presents the changes that businesses and employees can make to reduce their environmental impact in our virtual events platform which is providing a green alternative to physical conferences.

Jerry Tinianow, the first Chief Sustainability Officer of Denver, Colorado, conducts an interactive workshop using a fourteen-word formula to help you engage in meaningful sustainability and climate change action as a resident wherever you may be.

How to attend the virtual event

This online coffee chat will take place in Virtway Events virtual platform. There’s no need to have VR glasses or additional hardware to attend! You simply need to download the app on your phone, tablet or computer. Once you create a username and password you can customize your avatar and you’re all set to join us in the virtual world!

Easy, peasy! And FREE!

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