“Virtual Reality Jumps from Video Games to the Office” with Virtway Events

Virtway Events in Antena 3

“Virtual reality is no longer just a matter of video games; it has reached the workplace. An application will allow us to create an avatar and duplicate work scenarios to have meetings from a distance. Even with colleagues on the other side of the world.” […]

Virtway Events has been positively received in the Spanish national media spotlight and was featured on the Friday evening news on March 1st 2019 with Antena 3. Journalist, Paz Bailón visited Virtway Events’ sales and marketing office just outside of Madrid in Guadalajara, Spain. The purpose of their visit was to learn about Virtway’s 3D technology and immerse themselves, in the form of an uncanny, identical avatar, in their virtual world. What better way to portray a company than do dive right in and form a part of it.

Antena 3 with Virtway

The news clip has been uploaded to Antena 3’s Technology section. Check it out here.

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