“Gamification or How to Learn While Playing at Work”

byzness gamification

BYZness, the Spanish online portal for economic information, mentions Virtway Events in an interesting article about the effect of gamification at work. It emphasizes how games and Team Building activities play a major role in improving motivation and productivity.

“Gamification for businesses is here to stay…”

…as it increases employee well-being and overall results. Learning by playing is certainly effective, as workers are more motivated, with a better predisposition to learn and work in teams. Virtway Events is a great example of this. They have developed their own 3D technology that allows companies to hold virtual events and meetings, among many other things. Virtway Events also develops escape rooms, where the coordinator can see the different roles and decision making processes the participants make in the team effort to get out of the virtual room.

Read the full (translated) article here.

You can find the original Spanish article here.

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