Virtway Events Now Accessible via Browser

metaverse accessible via browser

Are you looking for the perfect Metaverse Experience without needing to download anything?​

Virtway Events Now Accessible via Browser
- No Downloading
- No 50-person limit per scene

All the other web-based Metaverses probably told you 50 users is the limit across the world… Well, we’re here to tell you that’s NOT true! Bring together 250+ avatars in the same scene with Virtway’s web-based solution. The same quality App experience, on your browser.

Virtway, together with Ludium Labs, has created browser access to the Virtway Events App. Made possible with state-of-the-art cloud-gaming technology, you and your entire team can access Virtway Events from anywhere in the world from the browser.

Want to know more and host your next event in the Metaverse?

events in the metaverse

We can show you a demo and talk you through how it works. If you’ve already seen the app from the inside, then you’ll already know what to expect. The experience is a mirror image of what is happening in the app.

You can enter all the high-quality scenes with your interactive avatar, participate in events, attend conferences, interact with content, take part in team building activities, get through escape rooms… EVERYTHING that is in the app, is now available via the browser.

Telva Opts for the Virtway Metaverse to Target a New Generation of Followers

Telva1000 Metaverse

The most prestigious fashion magazine in Spain, steps towards the Metaverse

Telva, the most prestigious fashion magazine in Spain, takes a decisive step towards the Metaverse with the aim of addressing a new audience that will allow it to remain a leader for another 60 years.

To celebrate its 1000th issue, the well-known magazine will offer its readers a unique immersive experience, providing them with a virtual meeting point such as the TELVA Showroom, from which they will be able to access exclusive brand content, interact by voice and, to top it off, attend a live hybrid concert by group Marlon.

But that’s not all, there will be prizes and lots of them, as the events in the metaverse also allow visitors to participate in fun challenges and gymkhanas through their avatar. From a dress-up game to walking the streets of Paris looking for products hidden by the sponsoring brands. Anything can happen in the TELVA Metaverse.

You can participate in the challenges from today until the 27th at 12:00h CEST. 

Case Study: Fortune 100 Software Company Trains 100’s in Virtway’s Metaverse

Case Study: Fortune 100 Software Company Trains 100’s in Virtway’s Metaverse

Due to the amount of confidential, in-house content shared at the event, this Fortune 500 company has asked to remain anonymous. Virtway respects the security and confidentiality of all companies, big or small, that use our Metaverse to carry out events.

Coming back for a second time, this top international software company again chose Virtway to deliver their cutting-edge immersive Training event in our Metaverse. Innovation is in their nature and they didn’t let travel restrictions slow down their work around the globe.

Over 130 employees from around the world joined the 2-week virtual training pop-up. By offering their training event in Virtway, the company found original ways to gamify key learnings built from their LMS right into the platform, like Top Performers winning gift cards and prizes!

They also had their different offices compete and participate in interactive team building sessions, and enjoy freshly designed and personalized scenes that were branded to match the product and the energy of the event.

“Our goal was creating a virtual space truly personalized for our team, just as an in-person event would be.”
Event Organizer

In Virtway, personalization and gamification are next-level. Teams are able to set the theme, deliver the message, challenge and energize participants, and carry out constructive workshops.

To kick off the event, all teams from around the globe met in their customized auditorium where they had special guests from top VPs of the company. This kick-off, complete with theme music and celebrity cameos, launched the high energy that kept building up and crescendoed with a Live DJ set.

Teams also split up and attended a number of training workshops to focus on adapting their business to remote work and customer success.

There were many thought leadership sessions where teams learned and received exclusive news. Special guests included one of the best marketing leaders in the consumer technology space!

Some other key points on the agenda included:

Of course, it wasn’t all work with no play! The team celebrated some big wins that were achieved over the last year and had some awesome team building activities for everyone to participate in. These activities included a personalized version of our Wipeout course and a prize wheel with some big prizes.

And no one went home empty-handed. Each team member received a digital swag bag at the end of the event to brighten their day.

Motivation is key to unlocking true employee potential, and this Fortune 100 company did exactly that. A post-event survey for feedback confirms the success:

Overall Event Rating out of 5
% Knowledge Increase
Motivated team members ready to take on any challenge and succeed!​

Demystifying the Metaverse: A Guide for Business Leaders


The new buzzword “Metaverse” is creating a great deal of confusion and noise for corporate executives. Faced with such a degree of uncertainty, it remains unclear how to take action in the short term to prepare for this new revolution that is in the making.

We spoke with Virtway’s CEO, Jose Antonio Tejedor, to take a more in-depth look at the concept of the Metaverse and demystify what it means for companies now and in the near future. One thing is for sure, what is here and what is to come is full of opportunities.

Questions Covered

Let’s start with the obvious question, what is the Metaverse?

It’ s important to first mention that the concept of the Metaverse originally emerged in the sci-fi novel Snow Crash (1992) where it was described as a 3D world where people interact with each other through avatars. Among the “experts”, a simple version that is fairly widely accepted is that the Metaverse is a 3D space where you can do (at least) the same things as in reality. In an attempt to apply a strict generic definition investor Matthew Ball describes it as:

“The Metaverse is a permanent network of real-time rendered 3D worlds and simulations that support continuity of identity, objects, history, payments and entitlements, which can be experienced synchronously by an effectively unlimited number of users, each with a sense of individuality.”

It is unlikely that we will see this continuity and interconnectedness between different 3D worlds in the next 10 years. There’s a long way to go before there is that level of standardization in information between the different 3D spaces. If we also intend to integrate virtual and augmented reality into the definition, the situation becomes even more complicated.

We have to resort to a much simpler description so that users who are not experts in technology (and philosophy) can understand what a Metaverse is. We could say that a Metaverse is a 3D space where people interact through their avatars and enjoy different types of experiences. What do we mean by experiences? They are interactions between people similar to those we make in reality or to the dynamics already created in the world of video games.

Will cryptocurrencies and NFTs be required in the Metaverse?

It’s optional. A Metaverse will have an internal virtual currency that is often used as a gamification element but this currency does not have to be in a blockchain. Including NFTs is an interesting way of monetization when the company has a digital asset of value for its users: sports clubs, singers, etc. It is also possible to create NFTs that only exist within the metaverse itself: clothes, objects, furniture, apartments, buildings, land…

It is important to mention that creating NFTs can have implications on the community and should be evaluated carefully as not all users are reacting well to this type of digital assets as seen in this article.

Will the Metaverse be in VR?

It’s clear that the future is VR but right now this depends on the target audience. According to studies there are about 26 million active VR devices on the market compared to 14,000 million mobile devices. If you want to reach as many users as possible it is much more interesting to focus on compatibility with mobile devices and, of course, PCs and MACs.


Will the Metaverse have to incorporate AR?

Not at all. Augmented reality hardly has anything to do with the Metaverse at the moment (although the philosophers of technology insist on it), and it will be difficult to connect in the future. The Metaverse is a 3D virtual world, and augmented reality is based on “augmenting” reality by projecting objects or elements on top of it through glasses or cell phones. Being able to see the clothes of someone’s avatar projected on their real image is something anecdotal or “nice to have”, but totally irrelevant for the Metaverse.

What is the difference between a Metaverse and a video game?

In a Metaverse there is no single mechanic or objective as in video games. In all video games there is a fundamental “core loop” that the player understands and follows with a purpose. Fortnite, for example, is a video game where users fight each other in groups of 100 people with the goal of eliminating opponents.

The principle of a Metaverse is that it is open and users can explore, interact and engage with the 3D world without a predefined goal (gameplay).

Is there a Metaverse that exists right now?

We could say that Second Life is the closest thing at the moment to a Metaverse for adults. It is a large 3D space where users can interact, build, trade…, without a specific objective predefined by Linden Labs.

Roblox, on the other hand, is a Metaverse for children. They can interact with each other, explore and play a multitude of mini-games together.

Do you think there will be a single Metaverse?

Just as there is no single social network, there will be no single Metaverse. There will be multiple Metaverses with different market shares and geographic and demographic segmentation. Each of us will have our own favorite Metaverse where we will meet friends, have our private space, and “play” online.

Companies will have a presence in the main Metaverses as they do now in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn…

Will we work exclusively in the Metaverse?

For corporate environments there are already a multitude of tools that allow online meetings with avatars, desktop sharing, webcam… These are not Metaverses, they are productivity tools. Surely it will be rare for companies to propose to their workers to enter a Metaverse more focused on leisure and entertainment, as it seems that Meta is going to do in an attempt to regain its young population that they have lost in recent years.

On a personal level, Metaverses will allow people to work in them and earn a living. There are many options and dozens will emerge:

  • Create content such as clothes, furniture and sell them in internal virtual stores as virtual objects or as NFTs.
  • Manage entertainment spaces such as pubs where parties, dates, live concerts, etc. are organized.
  • Work as a virtual assistant for companies that have spaces within the Metaverse.
  • Mining cryptocurrencies. There are Metaverses that allow you to perform actions to acquire the world’s cryptocurrency, although balancing it to allow a person to make a living working in this way will be a challenge.

Is Virtway a Metaverse?


According to our own definition mentioned above, we are not yet a Metaverse since we do not have an open space for all users where they can explore, play and interact freely. We are still a tool to create Metaverses.

We are in the middle of a fundraising round to create our Metaverse with a unique design and position in the market. At the moment, we use our technology to provide private spaces to companies within and we create 100% customized Metaverses for companies.

What can companies do right now in the Metaverse?

Let’s differentiate according to budget.

Low budget: To provide “Metaverse-like” experiences to employees and customers, the best option is to hire a private space in one of the existing tools where you can have meetings, present the company’s products in a memorable and spectacular way and carry out fun training activities with employees.

Moderate or high budget: In this case I would follow a diversification strategy.

  1. Negotiate presence in the existing 3D worlds/games/Metaverses according to the traffic they have: Roblox, Zepeto, Avakin, IMVU, Animal Crossing, Core, etc.
  2. Have a 100% independent Metaverse where you control the data, the users, the experiences, the gamification, etc.

For a company, the difference between having a private space within a Metaverse or having its own Metaverse will be like having an account on a social network or having its own website/application.

We all lived through the Facebook boom when companies spent millions of dollars to attract traffic and gain new followers. At a certain point Facebook decided that companies should pay for their wall posts to reach their own followers. From that moment on, marketing budgets became more focused on their own websites, applications and creating user databases. Will the same thing happen with the Metaverse: create your own, promote it and make it grow, or create it in an existing Metaverse and be exposed to its rules? It will all depend on the available budget.

What would a company in the Metaverse look like?

Let’s explain it according to the type of objectives that we want to accomplish:

- Branding

  • Show the company as highly innovative by offering a spectacular and fun environment to users. The main focus is the design of the environments and the games or interactive elements that are created to surprise visitors. Imagination is the limit.

- Sales

  • Sell online showing the product in a novel way connected with the online store that the company already has. This could be 3D stores for clothing, appliances, books, etc.
  • Create a new source of income for the company through the selling of virtual goods or NFTs. It is usually based on the creation of a new business model, normally Free to Play and/or subscription based.

- Marketing

  • Create a wow effect with customers. The company’s products and services are shown in an interactive and fun way. These are usually services or products that require high value-added assessment. There is usually online support staff, just like in reality.
  • Create or retain a community of users. The goal is to get users to return regularly to the Metaverse, interact with other users and get value from this new medium.

- Training

  • Offer a new type of employee training that is more fun and focused on skills development.

- Meetings

  • Have original and unique meeting spaces, a soccer stadium, the streets of Paris or an apartment for each employee. From time to time, parties and celebrations can be organized with live or recorded music and games.

- Internal communication

  • The two previous points can be combined in a more ambitious approach.
    • Encourage team communication.
    • Reinforce corporate values
    • Motivate participation and engagement in the company’s performance by means of challenges, games and social activities.

Will it be possible to reuse 3D content between one Metaverse and another?

If the model is created using the tools of a particular Metaverse, it may not be reusable, but if it is created using standard tools from the gaming world, the models can be used between Metaverses with slight adaptations.

Do you have more thoughts about the Metaverse and Virtway’s vision? Contact us and we would love to continue the conversation

2021 Virtual Event Trends

2021 Virtual Event Trends

2021 gave way to innovation in both online and hybrid events. Here are the event trends we’ve seen at Virtway over the last year which perhaps are some telltale signs for what’s to come in 2022!

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Virtway recreates Barcelona’s Camp Nou Stadium

virtual camp nou aerial view

Virtway recreates Barcelona’s Camp Nou Football Stadium to organize virtual and hybrid events in the Metaverse

Companies from all over the world can enjoy parties, conferences, exhibitions, and even after-work gatherings in a VIP box in Barcelona's world-famous football stadium, Camp Nou, without having to physically travel there

Virtway launches the first professional football stadium in the metaverse


The virtual replica of Camp Nou includes the stadium, an exhibition area at the foot of the football fields to add stands and booths, VIP boxes, a museum, meeting rooms, and an auditorium to give presentations. Organizations can host and attend conferences and exhibitions for thousands of users connecting from their mobile phones, tablets, or computers from anywhere in the world. 

Unique Virtual Experiences Prioritizing User Engagement

Currently, companies and teams are craving unique online experiences and are prioritizing user engagement and socializing as top factors when researching virtual event solutions. Virtway provides just that for the virtual events market. With virtual worlds like that of Camp Nou, users can be immersed in customized spaces and have a sense of presence that is unmatched in traditional online event software. 

This digital era, which has evolved to virtual worlds with an increasingly demanding public, makes this type of experience a direct channel for all types of brand activations and sponsors, congresses, corporate communications, marketing, and entertainment events. 

Camp Nou virtual spaces are available for the upcoming Holiday and End of Year campaigns, and companies and organizations from all over the world are invited to enjoy this premium experience.


In terms of accessibility, the FC Barcelona world will be available from any mobile device, as Virtway is accessible from the Apple Store and Google Play Store (as well as PC and Mac). It is the only virtual event software on the market that offers the same premium experience on desktop and iOS/Android devices with thousands of users interacting and having fun.


For more information on how to access the FC Barcelona Virtual World, visit 

About Virtway  
Virtway offers a proprietary metaverse and virtual environment for companies and organizations. Its unique immersive platform provides 3D virtual experiences, such as conferences, tradeshows, training, teambuilding sessions, and parties used by large companies including Pfizer, DuPont, Intel, Roche, Accenture, AstraZeneca, McDonald’s, Netflix, and Naturgy, and thousands of other clients for all types of events and workspaces. Users can talk, interact, and network in real time in immersive environments through personalized and fully adaptive avatars, recreating the feeling of face-to-face contact and offering a more engaging experience than webinars, videos, and online conferences.  

For more information: 
Danielle McConnell 
+34 622.182.647 

The Corporate Metaverse

events in the metaverse

What is the Metaverse?

With the announcement of Facebook’s Metaverse, or shall we say Meta’s Metaverse, and Microsoft’s Mesh, organizations have been constantly asking Virtway about what this new reality will (or won’t) be. Meta (Facebook’s new corporate name) describes the Metaverse as a place where people can “socialize, learn, collaborate and play in ways that go beyond what’s possible today”.  

Truth be told, a lot of us have already been experiencing what Mark Zuckerberg and Meta describe. Virtway’s Corporate Metaverse for Collaboration, for one, has been thriving in the Enterprise Metaverse for 5 years now. Virtway has brought in large and small organizations alike into its open and inclusive virtual world. And unlike others that are selling an idea that doesn’t yet exist, Virtway’s Metaverse is accessible today, from any device, from anywhere in the world.

The current and future Metaverses are more than just a sci-fi concept. They bring people together in more immersive ways, facilitating human interaction and engagement in the virtual world. Remote teams will connect to their virtual office and “sit” next to their colleagues where they can brainstorm in real-time,  take coffee breaks together and even participate in interactive activities in the virtual world. Physical barriers for students no longer exist, allowing them to study when and where they want. Friends can get together to hang out, play a game or watch movies. What we have considered to exclusively be in-person gatherings, are now possible in the virtual world. The metaverse is and will be an all-inclusive environment where people can do virtually everything.

Facebook and Microsoft’s version of the Metaverse will rely on heavy headgear and no end-user support, which is not suitable for more than 45 minutes of use. In Virtway, leading organizations have been advancing their work and fun in Virtway in comfort from their own devices with direct and live support. The Facebook & Microsoft technologies still have a long way to go, and they will spend hundreds of millions of dollars marketing their upcoming hardware and networks. At Virtway, we remain independent, ad-free, and will remain accessible from the devices you already have! 

The Future of Work in the Corporate Metaverse

The way we work has changed and continues to evolve at a superfast rate to a more hybrid way that requires new levels of interactivity and engagement and the Metaverse will play a key role in how this happens. Our digital habits are becoming more and more intertwined with our physical lives and that is even more true for innovative organizations. 


Innovative companies are the forerunners to a more collaborative and engaging future of workplaces and events. They are more comfortable with gamification and 3D technologies. The Metaverse is unlocking opportunities that they are easily grasping and integrating into their day-to-day tasks, and not just for play but also for work. 

Virtway’s Metaverse

Our vision of the Metaverse is one that is inclusive, where individuals from all over the world are invited to participate in their organization’s and their interest’s evolution, discourse, and dialogue. From our view of the 1000’s of events and work sessions in Virtway, the most impressive Virtway engagements have been where many ideas and opinions are spoken and shared which lead to the advancement of organizers’ and organizations’ work strategy and tactics. They also support amplifying these conversations into the future of their work and brand. 

Virtway makes this vision come to life by giving companies and 1000’s of their employees access to virtual presence and proximity in beautiful virtual environments built for engagement. With our event production experts, we make Agendas and Meetings come to life, enabling all participants with whatever computer skill level to be included and cared for. 

We do this in part by utilizing our in-house avatars. Webcams are not necessary (cue the end to zoom fatigue!) thanks to our proprietary avatar customization. Because we built our avatars in-house, we can specifically create for our innovative companies, including non-binary avatars and culturally responsive accessories

The everyday overuse of videoconference or the “Zoom fatigue” factor has been incredibly important for companies and event organizers as they strategize their future.  

Unlike in Meta & Mesh which cater to a few people in a small room, Virtway can bring up to 1000’s of people together at the same time. Virtway excels when a videoconference becomes too crowded. 

Our in-house tech has been specifically developed to give people a more inclusive feel as they navigate, meet new people, and collaborate in substantive work with 1000’s of people at the same time. And our team has prioritized accessibility from our inception to make sure that this experience is available to everyone, no matter what device or where they are connecting from. On the other hand, Meta requires people to be strapped into a VR headset while simultaneously wearing controllers on both hands. This is not accessible or available to most of the world’s population and more speaks to the future business aspirations of a large company.  

While the Metaverse is still in its initial stages, the benefits are huge and growing every day. Remote work no longer feels so “remote”. Interaction and collaboration are just as effective as they are in the physical office. Creativity and access to knowledge are increasing with geographical barriers being lowered and, in most cases, completely eliminated.

Here at Virtway, our goal is not to replicate in-person experiences – it’s to meld the joy and immersion of in-person experiences with virtual environments that can be accessible today to thousands of distributed attendees. We’re excited to be on this Corporate Metaverse journey and can’t wait to continue developing, advancing, and sharing it with you.

Virtual Holiday Party in the Metaverse


Skip zoom for your Virtual Office Parties this year and join the fun in our version of the METAVERSE!

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to start organizing an amazing get-together for your team. Virtual Holiday Parties are a great way to bring employees together in one place to not only mingle but to also give companies a chance to recognize and reward the hard work that has been carried out over the past year.

Zoom Fatigue, a gloomy term that has plagued us all in 2020-2021, is real. It’s prime time to shake things up and move from 2D to 3D events. Make sure your team enjoys themselves with personalized avatars in an immersive Metaverse.

We’ve made it easier than ever for you to get your entire team together in a FUN way to meet, network, play games and even dance!  This new experience allows everyone to mingle just like at in-person parties with avatars that can walk, talk, dance, clap… pretty much everything you can do IRL.

We provide you with a unique virtual space that is ready to use! For more customization, you can completely and easily brand it further.

How the Virtual Parties work:

  1. Choose a meeting room.
    Would you prefer an amphitheater with evening settings or a modern-style Auditorium?
  2. Select a Virtual Activity.
    Would your team rather do an Escape Room, Maze, or Wipeout challenge?
  3. Pick your party room!
    Get your music ready to dance the night away at a Rooftop Party, in our Sci-Fi themed scene or aboard an Abandoned Ship!

So leave the Zoom Fatigue behind you because this is an office party that no one will want to miss! It’s been a challenging year for many and more important than ever to truly celebrate the people you are thankful for. This year, take your virtual holiday party to the next level and make it something special for everyone attending. For more details, visit our Virtual Party Page.

The Interactive Virtual Avatar

Virtual Stands with Interactive Content

A virtual avatar is a unique way to give life to a web, social network or digital channel. It’s a graphic image that represents a person in a virtual world, and it’s becoming increasingly mroe common to use online avatars to recreate real situations in business meetings, fairs or any type of event.

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